Sentence Examples with the word 55

Of the 55 million sheep kept in Russia only about 15 millions belong to the fine merino breed, and these are pastured chiefly on the Black Sea steppes.

Thus, the higher densities are found in the eastern hemisphere, within the zone in which arose the great civilizations of the world, or, roughly speaking, between north parallels 25 and 40 towards the east, and 25 and 55 in the west.

This was supplemented in r8 55 by the controversial Menschenseele and Physiologie.

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At all events he gives 30 years of reign to Sinmuballidh instead of the 20 assigned to him in a list of dates drawn up at the time of Ammi-zadok's accession, 55 years to Khammurabi instead of 43, and 35 years to Samsu-iluna instead of 38, while he omits altogether the seven years' reign of the Assyrian king TukultiIn-aristi at Babylon.

HOT SPRINGS, a city of Arkansas, U.S.A., the county-seat of Garland county, at the easterly base of the Ozark mountains, 55 m.

The parts of Virginia and Louisiana not affected were those then considered to be under Federal jurisdiction; in Virginia 55 counties were excepted (including the 48 which became the separate state of West Virginia), and in Louisiana 13 parishes (including the parish of Orleans).

CHERCHEL, a seaport of Algeria, in the arrondissement and department of Algiers, 55 m.

Among the other 55 churches may be mentioned that of St Nicholas, an Early Gothic building, the oldest church in date of foundation in Ghent, and that of St Michael, completed in 1480, with an unfinished tower.

Asche, Die Kaiserpfalz zu Goslar (1892); Neuburg, Goslars Bergbau bis 1 55 2 (Hanover, 1892); and the Urkundenbuch der Stadt Goslar, edited by G.

ROANOKE, a city in (but administratively independent of) Roanoke county, Virginia, on the Roanoke river, about 55 m.