Sentence Examples with the word 54

Nineteen of the 54 steamers belonged to a subsidized national line whose West Coast service once extended to San Francisco, California, and a large part of the others belongs to a Lota coal-mining and copper-smelting company which employs them in carrying coal to the northern ports and bringing back, metallic ores for smelting.

But, however it originated, the phrase undoubtedly contributed to foster popular misconceptions as to the intrinsic value of Indulgences, apart from repentance and confession; though Dr Lea seems to press this point unduly (p. 54 ff.), and should be read in conjunction with Thurston (p. 324 ff.).

The borough council consists of a mayor, 9 aldermen, and 54 councillors.

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Thus St Augustine 54 ad Januar.) mentions it as having been kept from time immemorial and as probably instituted by the apostles Chrysostom, in his homily on the ascension, mentions a celebration of the festival in the church of Romanesia outside Antioch, and Socrates (Hist.

Four lines of rails on deck gave accommodation for 54 ten-ton wagons carrying an average load of 900 tons.

For the Coastal Plain Region it is 54 in.; for the Piedmont Plateau Region, 48 in.; and for the Mountain Region, 53 in.

In 54 B.C. the people of Reate appealed to Cicero to plead their cause in an arbitration which had been appointed by the Roman senate to settle disputes about the river, and in connexion with this he made a personal inspection of Lake Velinus and its outlets.

And a total breadth of 72 ft.; the columns have a lower diameter of 54 ft., and the inter-columniation is 132 ft.

Elec. Eng., 1890, 19, 62; Electrician, 1890, 25, 54 6; I.

His original epitaph was discovered in the catacombs (see Kraus, Roma sotterranea, p. 1 54 et seq.), but nothing more is known of him.