Sentence Examples with the word 53

Cornu, Cornptes rendus, 1878, 86, pp. 3 1 5, 53 o), in sea water, and in many mineral waters.

In 55, 53 and 52 interreges are again found, the last-mentioned being on the occasion when Pompey was elected sole consul.

But in 54 B.C. Julia, the daughter of Caesar and wife of Pompey, died, and in 53 B.C. Crassus was killed at Carrhae.

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Doebner (Ber., 1902, 35, pp. 2129, 2 53 8; 1903, 3 6, p. 43 18) obtained compounds, which in all probability are cyclo-octadienes, by the distillation of s-vinylacrylic acid, sorbic acid, and cinnamenyl acrylic acid with anhydrous baryta.

Pure sodium carbonate is prepared by igniting the bicarbonate, and exactly 53 grammes are dissolved in water, forming a strictly normal solution.

Thus a normal solution of sodium carbonate contains 53 grammes per litre, of sodium hydrate 40 grammes, of hydrochloric acid 36.5 grammes, and so on.

In India the metropolitan of Calcutta and the bishops of Madras and Bombay have some very limited jurisdiction which is conferred by letters patent under the authority of the statutes 53 Geo.

The water-supply is now brought in through iron mains from the Cordilleras 53 m.

Drake, History of Middlesex County, 2, p. 53 et seq.

Other famous Indian diamonds are the following: - The Sancy, weighing 53 carats, which is said to have been successively the property of Charles the Bold, de Sancy, Queen Elizabeth, Henrietta Maria, Cardinal Mazarin, Louis XIV.; to have been stolen with the Pitt during the French Revolution; and subsequently to have been the property of the king of Spain, Prince Demidoff and an Indian prince.