Sentence Examples with the word 514

In 514 he was ordinary consul, and at a later date possibly corrector of his native province.

The financial crisis of that year caused an increase, which continued until the imminence of the Civil War, when it rose from 65 millions in 186o to 91 millions in 1861, to 514 in 1862, to 1120 in 1863, to 1816 in 1864, to 2681 in June, and its maximum (2846 millions) in August 1865.

A semitone, give two beats per second, while the same number of beats are given by notes of 32 X 16 (four octaves higher than the first of the preceding) or 512, and 514 vibrations, which are only slightly out of tune.

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The convention met on the 26th of November 1861, and finished its work on the 18th of February 1862, and the instrument was ratified by the people (18,162 for and 514 against) on the 11th of April 1862.