Sentence Examples with the word 51

The students attending lectures in 1904 were 62, of whom 51 matriculated, and the number of degrees conferred to the close of that year was 180, the great majority of these degrees being granted ad eundem gradum.

Of these, 126 monasteries and 90 convents were situated in the city, 51 monasteries and 22 convents in the suburbicariates.

NOSSEN, a town of Germany, in the kingdom of Saxony, pleasantly situated on the Freiberger Mulde, 51 m.

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The vine flourishes as far as the 51 N., but only yields good wine in the districts of the Rhine and Danube.

Licinius Murena, whom he subsequently accused of bribery; in 51 he was successful.

Members of the legislature, which meets biennially, are chosen by districts, three representatives and one senator from each of the 51 districts, 18 of which are in Cook county.

BRIGHTON, a municipal, county and parliamentary borough of Sussex, England, one of the best-known seaside resorts in the United Kingdom, 51 m.

In 1869 Mr Scudamore estimated the operating expenses at 51 to 56 per cent.

But not only is the combining power or valency (atomicity) of the elements different, it is also observed that one element may combine with another in several proportions, or that its valency may vary; for example, phosphorus forms two chlorides represented by the formulae PC1 3 and PC1 51 nitrogen the series of oxides represented by the formulae N 2 0, NO, (N203), N 2 O 4, N205, molybdenum forms the chlorides MoC1 2, MoC1 3, MoC1 4, MoC1 5, MoCls(?), and tungsten the chlorides WC1 2, WCl 4, WC1 5, WC16.

Have been written in 51 B.C. and carry the narrative of the Gallic campaigns down to the close of the previous year (the eighth book, written by A.