Sentence Examples with the word 50

So we have thus a weight of 207-191 in Egypt on marked weights, joining therefore completely with the Aeginetan unit in Egypt of 199 to 186, and coinage of 199, and strongly connected with Syria, where a double mina of Sidon (18) is 10,460 or 50 x 209.2.

Cerigo, but still officially known as Cythera), one of the Ionian islands, situated not less than i 50 m.

This fringe of wooded swamp and sea marsh is generally 20 to 30, but in places even 50 and 60 m.

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Ten thousand dinars are equal to one tornan (a word meaning ten thousand), or 10 krans silver, and 50 dinars are one shahi.

Histoire-musee de la Revolution francaise, which appeared in 50 numbers in1841-1842(3rd ed., in 72 numbers, 1857-1858); Histoire de la mode en France; la toilette des femmes depuis gallo-romaine jusqu'd.

In 1806 he was ordered to restore to their homes 50 Osages, redeemed by the United States government from Potawatami, and to explore the country.

The Mississippi has already been mentioned as rapidly building forward its digitate delta; the Rio Granide, next in size, has built its delta about 50 m.

The values of the coinage are pieces of 5 and 10 centimes in bronze, of 50 centimes, 1 franc and 2 francs in silver, of 10 francs and 20 francs in gold.

In the course of 1551 one of the factions of Kazan offered the whole khanate to the young tsar, and on the 20th of August 1552 he stood before its walls with an army of 150,000 men and 50 guns.

The radio-activity of sea-water is extraordinarily small; indeed in samples taken from 50 fathoms in the Bay of Danzig it was imperceptible, and R.