Sentence Examples with the word 5

Campaign in Portugal, 1808.--The first skirmish took place at Obidos on the 15th of August 1808, against Delaborde's division (5000 men with 5 guns), which fell back to Roleia (Rorica or Roliga).

Of the novels produced by Baron Sigismond Kemeny the Gyulai Pal (1847), in 5 vols., is, from its historical character, the most important.

Meath, there is a group of about thirty stone barrows or cairns, mostly chambered, their bases measuring from 5 or 6 to 60 yds.

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With benzene sulphochloride in the presence of alkali, the primary amines yield compounds of the type C 6 H 5 S0 2 NHR, soluble in alkalies, whilst the secondary amines yield compounds of the type C 6 H 5 S0 2 NR 2, insoluble in alkalies (0.

The heaviest shock began at 12 minutes 6 seconds past 5 o'clock a.m., Pacific standard time, and lasted 1 minute 5 seconds.

The bombardment ceased at 5 P.M.; but a few rounds were fired by the Inflexible and Temeraire on the morning of,the 12th at the right battery in Ras-el-Tin lines.

A council of state of 12 members, consisting of the president, 6 members appointed by congress and 5 by the president, has advisory functions, and its approval is required in many executive acts and appointments.

A, Female from above; d, Jaws, more highly magnified b, From beneath, magnified 5 (tips of mandibles and 1st times; maxillae still more highly c, Vestigial wing; magnified).

Aube is divided into 5 arrondissements with 26 cantons and 446 communes.

In1180-1181they rendered account of 5 marks for erecting a gild without licence.