Sentence Examples with the word 49

Of Vasilkov, on the main road from Kiev to the Crimea, in 49 47' N.

The alkalinity of North Atlantic water of 35 per mille salinity is 26.86 cc. per litre, corresponding to a total amount of carbonic acid of 49 07 cc. According to the researches of August Krogh,' the alkalinity is greatly increased by the admixture of land water.

The creator, or the divine intellect, with a view to the form of the good, and taking all forms as models, creates in a receptacle (vir080x i, Plato, Timaeus, 49 A) individual impressions which are called things but really change and become without attaining the permanence of being.

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When the law of the 20th of April 1888 established trial by jury for most crimes and deticts, 49 audiencias criminales, one in each province, were created; these are a sort of assize held four times a year.

It no doubt acquired Roman citizenship in 49 B.C., and became a municipium; and is mentioned two years later apropos of a dispute between the citizens and their slaves.

In 49 he was legate of Caesar and, with P. Cornelius Dolabella, was entrusted with the defence of Illyricum against the Pompeians.

The rapidity of the movement has not been exceptional in Arkansas, but the size of its average farm, less in 1850 than that of the other cotton states, was in 1900, 93.1 acres (108.8 for white farmers alone, 49 o for blacks alone), which was even less than that of the North Atlantic states (96.5 acres, the smallest sectional unit of the Union).

The wood of the hazel is whitish-red, close in texture and pliant, and has when dry a weight of 49 lb per cub.

In 49 B.C. it was occupied by Minucius Thermus on behalf of Pompey, but he abandoned the town.

The Gallic Wars (58-51) of Caesar (q.v.) added all the rest of Gaul, north-west of the Cevennes, to the Rhine and the Ocean, and in 49 also annexed Massilia.