Sentence Examples with the word 48

Philopator (51-47) and Cleopatra Philopator, Egyptian history coalesces with the general history of the Roman world, owing to the murder of Pompey off Pelusium in 48 and the Alexandrine War of Julius Caesar (48-47).

This era was established to commemorate the victory obtained by Julius Caesar on the plains of Pharsalia, on the 9th of August in the year 48 B.C., and the 706th of Rome.

His table gives the logarithms of all numbers up to 2200, and of primes (and also of a great many composite numbers) from 2200 to 10,009, to 48 decimal places.

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The exclusion of the handicraftsmen from the Rath led, early in the 15th century, to a rising of the craft gilds against the patrician merchants, and in 1410 they forced the latter to recognize the authority of a committee of 48 burghers, which concluded with the senate the so-called First Recess; there were, however, fresh outbursts in 1458 and 1483, which were settled by further compromises.

The Mean Length Of The Year Is Therefore 3541) Days, Or 354 Days 8 Hours 48 Min., Which Divided By 12 Gives 293 G O Days, Or 29 Days 12 Hours 44 Min., As The Time Of A Mean Lunation, And This Differs From The Astronomical Mean Lunation By Only 2.8 Seconds.

The force comprises 2 superintendents, 48 inspectors, 86 sergeants and 865 constables; also some 60 constables on private service duty.

KINGSBRIDGE, a market town in the Totnes parliamentary division of Devonshire, England, 48 m.

Lake Michigan is connected at its north-east extremity with lake Huron by the strait of Mackinac, 48 m.

The Don, after curving east through the government of Ryazan, flows generally south through the governments of Tambov, Orel, Voronezh and the Don Cossacks territory, describing in the lastnamed a sweeping loop to the east, in the course of which it approaches within 48 m.

The progress of primary education is illustrated by the fact that, while in 1885 there was one school for every 2665 inhabitants and one pupil for every 48 inhabitants, in 1898 the figures were 1643 and 31 inhabitants.