Sentence Examples with the word 46th

Hayes by a majority of less than 3000 votes; but the Democrats gained a majority in both branches of the state legislature, and Thurman was elected to the United States Senate, where he served from 1869 until 1881 - during the 46th Congress (1879-1881) as president pro tempore.

Boundary line between Washington and Oregon is the 46th parallel; on the W.

Stein opened his attack with his right wing, the Austrian both Div., at 7:30 A.M., attacking the Italian 46th between Monte Nero and Vodil Vrh.

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The righthand column, aided by the strong attacks of the Austrian both Div., pierced the extreme right of the Italian 46th on the E.

The Columbia river separates it from Oregon from the mouth of that river to the point of the upper intersection with the 46th parallel of N.

In the Frankish empire (9th century) as alba, clericalis, in contradistinction to the liturgical alb, and in England (loth century) under the name of oferslip in the 46th canon of the ecclesiastical laws of Edgar.

Corps coming in on the right, taking over the 32nd Div., and putting the ist into line on its left, with the 6th and 46th in support.