Sentence Examples with the word 45

The broch, which stands on a rocky promontory at the south-west of the isle, now measures about 45 ft.

To Find, As A Test, The Accurate Day Of The Week, The Proposed Year Of The Hegira, Divided By 30, Gives 45 Cycles, And Remainder 12, The Year Of The Current Cycle.

Cloth ell of 45 in., used till 1600.

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A crannog in Loch-an-Dhugael, Balinakill, Argyllshire, described by the same explorer in 1893, revealed a substructure similar to that at Lochlee, with a double row of piles enclosing an area 45 to 50 ft.

OSAWATOMIE, a city of Miami county, Kansas, U.S.A., about 45 m.

Schoene), which places the 45 years of the sea-power of Phoenicia at a date which, with much probability, may be conjectured to lie between 709, when Cyprus submitted to Sargon, and 664, when Egypt threw off the rule of, Assyria.

It is paid for at the rate of from 45 to cents per cwt.

Under Nicholas I., he was engaged in the codification of the Russian law (published in 1830 in 45 vols.), on which he also wrote some important commentaries.

On the north-west side, half within and half without the circuit of the walls, protruding into the plain like a great bastion, stood the royal palace, on a terrace, 45 ft.

Other less important canals connect it with the Western Dvina (Riga) and the White Sea (Archangel); while a railway only 45 m.