Sentence Examples with the word 43

The saltest include the eastern Mediterranean with 39.5 per mille, the Red Sea with 41 to 43 per mille in the Gulf of Suez, and the Persian Gulf with 38.

Considerable remains of a theatre in concrete faced with brickwork, erected, according to an inscription, in 43 B.C., and 161 ft.

In December 1 9 07 it .was decided that the several departments of the Western University of Pennsylvania, then in different parts of the city, should be brought together on a new campus of 43 acres near the Carnegie Institute.

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The area of the original Boston was only 783 acres, but by the filling in of tidal flats (since 1804) this was increased to 1829 acres; while the larger corporate Boston of the present day - including the annexed territories of South Boston (1804), Roxbury (1868), Charlestown, Dorchester, Brighton and West Roxbury (1874) - comprehends almost 43 sq.

He invaded Attica at the head of the Peloponnesian forces in the summers of 43 1, 430 and 428, and in 42 9 conducted operations against Plataea.

FORUM APPII, an ancient post station on the Via Appia, 43 m.

Mackennal, The Evolution of Congregationalism (1901), pp. 43 ff.

In 1856 President Ignacio Comonfort invited tenders for drainage works conditional on the use of waste waters for irrigation purposes, and the plan executed consists of a canal and tunnel 43 m.

VENLO, a frontier town in the province of Limburg, Holland, on the right bank of the Maas, and a junction station 43 m.

LINGEN, a town in the Prussian province of Hanover, on the Ems canal, 43 m.