Sentence Examples with the word 4200

A very large portion of north-west Mongolia constitutes a high plain, 3000 to 4200 ft.

The scheme comprised three enclosing breakwaters - on the west an extension of the Admiralty pier in a south-easterly direction for a length of 2000 ft.; on the south an isolated breakwater, 4200 ft.

A magnificent breakwater, 4200 ft.

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The south-western pine belt contains the heaviest growth of long-leaf pine timber in the world, covering an area of about 4200 sq.

On this vast upper terrace even the bottoms of the river valleys are at altitudes of 4200 to 5500 ft., with one single exception - the narrow gorge of the Khua (Khi)-khem, or upper Yenisei; while the highest pass across the Tannu-ola Mountains is 7090 ft., though the others are much lower.

Pop. (1900) 24,387, of whom 4200 are Czechs and the remainder Germans.

A little farther down it becomes completely navigable, and attains a breadth of 4200 ft.; but between the village of Ostrovki and that of Ust-Tosna it passes over a limestone bed, which produces a series of rapids, and reduces the width of the river from 1050 to 840 and that of the navigable passage from 350 to 175 ft.

The 2nd division (with which was Lord Chelmsford) and Wood's column crossed the White Umfolosi on the 4th of July - the force numbering 4200 Europeans and 1000 natives.

The peninsula of Brittany and the coasts of Normandy on both sides of the Seine estuary are watered b numerous independent streams., Amongst these the Vilaine, whic passes Rennes and Redon, waters, with its tributaries, an area of 4200 sq.