Sentence Examples with the word 419

In Hong-Kong similar measures were carried out, with the result that the hospital admissions for malaria diminished from 1294 in 1901, the year when operations were begun, to 419 in 1905.

It was thrown out by the Lords by 419 to 41, and the country undoubtedly acquiesced in their action.

In 419 and 417 there is practically no fighting: the Mantinean War of 418 is a disconnected episode which did not lead to a resumption of hostilities: in 420 there are only obscure battles in Thrace: in 416 there is only the expedition to Melos; and finally from 421 to 413 there is official peace.

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The sum total amounts to 419 objects, besides hundreds of fragments, cores, spalls and rejects, retained for study and comparison.