Sentence Examples with the word 41

The chief objection to this view is based upon two lines in the 9th eclogue of Virgil, supposed to have been written 41 or 40 B.C. Here reference is made to a certain Cinna, a poet of such importance that Virgil deprecates comparison with him; it is argued that the manner in which this Cinna, who could hardly have been any one but Helvius Cinna, is spoken of implies that he was then alive; if so, he could not have been killed in 44.

Long by 84 broad; Gozo is 84 by 41 m.

The ibex is a handsome animal, measuring about 41 ft.

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Again, there are in the west two well-known instances of deficient reinforcement of the young, France and Ireland, in which countries the proportion of those under 15 falls respectively 75 and 32 per mille below the standard; throwing those over 60 up to 41 and 26 per male above it.

The tetrachloride, WC1 41 is obtained by partial reduction of the higher chlorides with hydrogen; a mixture of the pentaand hexa-chloride is distilled in a stream of hydrogen or carbon dioxide, and the pentachloride which volatilizes returned to the flask several times.

Bank of the Hudson rivers about 41 m.

Oddo, Chemisches Centralblatt, 1896, 228.) Acid calcium silicates are represented in the mineral kingdom by gyrolite, H2Ca2(S103)3 H20, a lime zeolite, sometimes regarded as an altered form of apophyllite, which is itself an acid calcium silicate containing an alkaline fluoride, by okenite, H2Ca(S103)2 H20, and by xonalite 4CaSiO 3 41 2 O.

M., pop. (1895) 77,75 o, is composed of three groups of islands, Chiloe, Guaitecas and Chonos, and extends from the narrow strait of Chacao in 41 0 40' S.

The great problem in 41 1 1 the Maya settlements of Yucatan was that of securing and .preserving a water supply for the dry season.

A count which was concluded at the end of February 1903, put the number of captive bisons at 1119, of which 969 were in parks and zoological gardens in the United States, 41 in Canada and 109 in Europe.