Sentence Examples with the word 402

After spreading desolation through North Italy and striking terror into the citizens of Rome, Alaric was met by Stilicho at Pollentia (a Roman municipality in what is now Piedmont), and the battle which then followed on the 6th of April 402 (Easter-day) was a victory, though a costly one for Rome, and effectually barred the further progress of the barbarians.

In a more extended experiment on 657 railway-men 402 escaped.

As I'hilan- a membership of about 113,789; and 402 for women with a membership of about 27,000.

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The weakness of Persian rule was disclosed by the expedition of Cyrus and the Ten Thousand Greeks, 402 B.C.; and in the following century Asia Minor was invaded by Alexander the Great, 334 B.C. (See Greece; Persia; Ionia.) The wars which followed the death of Alexander eventually gave Asia Minor to Seleucus, but none of the Seleucid kings was able to establish his rule over the whole peninsula.

From London by the Great Western railway via Badminton, 402 m.

For the Invalid, xxiv., 402 B.C. (?) V.

Defence on a Charge of Taking Bribes, xxi., 402 B.C.; 3.

It has a graceful tapering spire 402 ft.