Sentence Examples with the word 40

In 1904 the total strength of the artillery was given as 198 field batteries (1188 guns), 18 horse batteries (108 guns), 40 mountain batteries (240 guns) and 12 howitzer batteries (72 guns): total 268 batteries (1608 guns).

Near the centre of the park is Mud Caldron, a circular crater about 40 ft.

The first account of the borough and its privileges is contained in an inquisition taken in 1333 after the death of Anthony, bishop of Durham, which shows that the burgesses held the town with the markets and fairs at a fee-farm rent of 40 marks yearly, and that they had two reeves who sat in court with the bishop's bailiff to hear the disputes of the townspeople.

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Scarcely 40 years after the destruction of Jerusalem, a new power appeared in the east in the person of Cyrus the Great.

The majority of the Tonga Islands, however, are level, averaging 40 ft.

In about two hours the t2 Prussian battalions and 3 batteries found themselves assailed by upwards of 40 Austrian battalions and zoo guns, and against such swarms of enemies each man felt that retreat from the wood across the open meant annihilation.

At the November election the Republican vote was 126,084, the Douglas Democratic vote was 121,940 and the Lecompton (or Buchanan) Democratic vote was 5091; but the Democrats, through a favourable apportionment of representative districts, secured a majority of the legislature (Senate: 14 Democrats, II Republicans; House: 40 Democrats, 35 Republicans), which re-elected Douglas.

The Dresden Green, one of the Saxon crown jewels, 40 carats, has a fine apple-green colour.

These tail-shielded snakes, of which about 40 species are known, are viviparous and burrow in the ground, preferring damp mountainforests.

OXFORD, a village in Butler county, Ohio, U.S.A., about 40 m.