Sentence Examples with the word 4

CROTONIC ACID (C 4 H 6 0 2).

Of the octavo only one perfect copy (the title-page missing) in the Baptist College at Bristol, 4 and one imperfect in the library of St Paul's cathedral.

The fairs now held on the 8th of May, the 26th of July and the first Monday after the 10th of October were granted to the bishop in 1227, 12 4 0 and 1300.

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In the case of numbers the X may be replaced by a dot; thus 4.3 means 4 times 3.

At that temperature crystals of the anhydrous Na 2 SO 4 appear, and a new fixed equilibrium exists between the four phases - hydrate, anhydrous salt, solution and vapour.

Cordova fell in 1236, and Seville in 12 4 8.

Thus, the symbols 14 2 and P4 indicate that the molecules of hydrogen and phosphorus respectively contain 2 and 4 atoms. Since, according to the molecular theory, in all cases of chemical change the action is between molecules, such symbols as these ought always to be employed.

Popoff, The Electrician, 5897, 4 0, P. 235.

He is entitled to consecrate all the bishops within his province and was formerly entitled, upon consecrating a bishop, to select a benefice within his diocese at his option for one of his chaplains, but this practice was indirectly abolished by 3 and 4 Vict.

The oil that heals, but 4 Esdr. ii.