Sentence Examples with the word 3rd

The first and perhaps the most important of these successes was that of Hochstadt or Blenheim on the 3rd of August 1704, where the English and imperial troops triumphed over one of the finest armies that France had ever sent into Germany.

Vaughan, Hours with the Mystics., 3rd ed., vol.

At the opening of the Thirty-Fourth Congress the anti-Nebraska men gradually united in supporting Banks for speaker, and after one of the bitterest and most protracted speakership contests in the history of congress, lasting from the 3rd of December 1855 to the 2nd of February 1856, he was chosen on the 133rd ballot.

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In the middle of the 3rd century Mithraism seemed on the verge of becoming the universal religion.

Army were to make a demonstration against Josephstadt on the 3rd of July, and the other two were to move in a general direction south-west to keep touch with the I.

Anyhow, it is much to be regretted that no Syriac writing from Harran has survived.3 Syriac literature continued in life from the 3rd to the 14th century A.D., but after the Arab conquest it became an increasingly artificial product, for Arabic gradually killed the vernacular use of Syriac.

The work of combining and editing these three independent writings may go back to early in the 3rd or even to the 2nd century.

From the beginning of the 3rd to the beginning of the 5th century Tatian's Harmony or Diatessaron - whether originally compiled in Syriac, or compiled in Greek and translated into Syriac - was the current form of gospel in the Syriac Church.

Evangelisten Johannes (4 vols., 1820-1832); it has since passed through two new and improved editions (the last volume of the 3rd edition by E.

In 2 vols., 1875-1876), Ofenbarung Johannis erkldrt (1861), Lehre von den letzten Dingen (1861; 3rd ed.