Sentence Examples with the word 39

It was in 39 B.C. that Horace was introduced to Maecenas, who had before this received Varius and Virgil into his intimacy.

P. 39 1), who made a collection of 50 different specimens of the vermin which infested his bedroom in Guayaquil.

C. Fabricius instituted the genus Gammarus for five species, of which only three were amphipods, while he left five other amphipods in the genus Oniscus, from this total of eight science has developed the order, at first very slowly, but of late by great leaps and bounds, so that now the Gammaridea alone comprise more than 1300 species, distributed among some 300 genera and 39 families.

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Their barracks at Rome covering a rectangle of 39 acres (1210 by 1410 ft.), were included by Aurelian in the walls of Rome, and three sides of the enceinte can still be seen near the Porta Pia, with brickwork as old as Tiberius: the interior (now barracks for the Italian army) is archaeologically less interesting.

Babli) contains the Gemara to 362 tractates, but the material is relatively very full, and it is about three times as large as the Pal., although the Gemara there extends to 39 tractates.

FOURMIES, a town of northern France, in the department of Nord, on an affluent of the Sambre, 39 m.

Adler, pp. 39 seq.; Bacher, Jewish Encyclopaedia, vol.

The yearly precipitation is about 39 to 45 in., decreasing inland, and is evenly distributed throughout the year.

That of Lent, lasting 48 days, from the Monday of Sexagesima to Easter eve; that of Advent, 39 days, from November 15 to Christmas eve; that of the Theotokos (vflvTEia Tits Oeotokov), from August i to August 15; that of the Holy Apostles, lasting a variable number of days from the Monday after Trinity; (3) The minor yearly fasts before Epiphany, before Whitsunday, before the feasts of the transfiguration, the invention of the cross, the beheading of John the Baptist.

In 39 6 he fought in Greece against the Visigoths, but an arrangement was effected whereby their chieftain Alaric was appointed master of the soldiery in Illyricum (397).