Sentence Examples with the word 384

The Latin sermons of St Augustine, of which 384 are extant, have been taken as their models by all sensible subsequent divines, for it was he who rejected the formal arrangement of the divisions of his theme, and insisted that simplicity and familiarity of style were not incompatible with dignity and religion.

TRONDHJEM, or Throndhjem (sometimes written in the German form Drontheim), a city and seaport of Norway, chief town of the stift (diocese) of Trondhjem and the amt (county) of South Trondhjem, 384 m.

The outbreak at Rome in 384 against the gymnosophists, emaciated monks who walked the streets and vehemently denounced marriage.

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There are 96 infantry battalions of redif class I.; each regiment composed of 4 battalions - total 384 battalions.

DEMOSTHENES, the great Attic orator and statesman, was born in 384 (or 383) B.C. His father, who bore the same name, was an Athenian citizen belonging to the deme of Paeania.

In the ruins there have been found numerous columns of Punic inscriptions, Roman inscriptions and mosaic, among which is one representing Virgil seated, holding the Aeneid in his hand; another represents the Cretan labyrinth with Theseus and the Minotaur (Heron de Villefosse, Revue de l'Afrique francaise, v., December 1887, pp. 384 and 394; Comptes rendus de l'Acad.

Before the introduction of the Metonic cycle, the Olympic year began sometimes with the full moon which followed, at other times with that which preceded the summer solstice, because the year sometimes contained 384 days instead of 354.

An Ordinary Year May Comprise 353, 354 Or 355 Days; And An Embolismic Year 383, 384 Or 385 Days.

Petronio, the patron saint of Bologna, which was begun in 1390; only the nave and aisles as far as the transepts were, however, completed, but even this is a fine fragment, in the Gothic style, measuring 384 ft.

Thus The Duration Of The Ordinary Year Is 354 Days, And That Of The Embolismic Is 384 Days.