Sentence Examples with the word 38

Ptolemy catalogued 38 stars, Tycho Brahe 42 and Hevelius 62.62.

In the meantime Soult (with 23,000 men and 50 guns), advancing to relieve Badajoz, compelled Beresford to suspend of the siege, and to take up a position with about 30,000 Battle Albuera, men (of whom 7000 were British) and 38 guns May behind the river Albuhera (or Albuera).

Of 24 protected persons, all escaped but four, and these had to be out at night or otherwise neglected precautions; of 38 unprotected persons, all contracted malaria except two, who had apparently acquired immunity.

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On the other hand, a careful study of what he achieved between the years 38 B.C., when he married Livia, and his death in A.D.

Long, emptying into Delaware Bay; and the Great Egg Harbor river, 38 m.

Elected the gonfaloniere, also for two months; there were the capitudini or councils of the gilds, and two savi for each sestiere, with 1000 soldiers at their disposal; the number of the grandi families was fixed at 38 (later 72).

In South Australia there are 38 deep bores, from 20 of which there is a flow of 6,250,000 gallons a day.

The cotton factories of 1905 were equipped with 22,021 looms having 678,058 spindles, and with 38 stamping machines, employed 30,162 operatives, and turned out 13,731,638 pieces of cloth.

HEILSBERG, a town of Germany, in the province of East Prussia, at the junction of the Simser and Alle, 38 m.

The Fulda, navigable for 63 m., and the Werra, 38 m., above the point where they unite, form by their junction the Weser, which has a course of 271 m., and receives as navigable tributaries the Aller, the Leine from Hanover, and some smaller streams. Oceangoing steamers, however, cannot get as far as Bremen, and unload at Bremerhaven.