Sentence Examples with the word 36

Spanish mahogany weighs about 56 lb to the cubic ft., and the Honduras variety about 36 lb.

The first water-jacketed cupola which came into general use was a circular inverted cone, with a slight taper, of 36 inches diameter at the tuyeres, and composed of an outer and an inner metal shell, between which water circulated.

Vessels of the deepest draught can enter into the Victoria basin, the depth of water at low tide ranging from 24 to 36 ft.

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During the first month after hatching, 34 to 36 mm.

John Brown (1722-1787), a once celebrated dissenting divine, author of the Self-Interpreting Bible, ministered in the burgh for 36 years and is buried there; his son John the theologian (1754-1832), and his grandson Samuel (1817-1856), the chemist, noted for his inquiries into the atomic theory, were natives.

Long and weighed 36 lb to the yard, manufactured in England, since there were then no mills in America able to roll them.

At barometric pressures such as exist between 18 and 36 kilometres above the ground the mobility of the ions varies inversely as the pressure, whilst the coefficient of recombination a varies approximately as the pressure.

The island is irregularly elliptical - somewhat triangular - in shape, and is 36 m.

The greatest of all Plenary Indulgences is of course the Roman 1 Equally strong assertions were made by the provincial council of Mainz in 1261; and Lea (p. 287) quotes the complaints of 36 similar church councils before 1538.

Finally, every citizen between the ages of 36 and 46 belongs to the third section, called the Gloata (Landsturm), which can only be called upon for home service in war.