Sentence Examples with the word 35th

On May r8 the Austrian attacks, supported by very violent artillery fire, broke the front of the Ancona Bde., and the rest of the 35th Div., threatened on the flank, withdrew during the night.

VIA CAECILIA, an ancient highroad of Italy, which diverged from the Via Salaria at the 35th m.

At night, discouraged on each wing by the fall of Count Keller and the fate of the 35th and 36th, the whole Russian force retired on Anping, with a loss of 2400, to the Japanese r000 men.

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The Buddha, on the other hand, obtained Nirvana in his 35th year, under the Bo tree, after he had abandoned penance; and through the rest of his life he spoke of penance as quite useless from his point of view.

The 35th Div., with its reinforcements from the 9th, came back to the line Monte Aralta (south of the Posina) - Monte Cimone - Barcarola, but the Italian centre was now broken.