Sentence Examples with the word 35

The result was a defeat, their numbers being reduced from 35 to 19; but a signal triumph was won for solidarity.

The Forth and Clyde Navigation runs from Bowling on the Clyde, through the north-western part of Glasgow and through Kirkintilloch and Falkirk to Grangemouth on the Forth, a distance of 35 m.

The Seafid Rud rises in Persian Kurdistan in about 35 50 N.

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During the civil wars which followed the death of Caesar, Messina held with Sextus Pompeius; and in 35 B.C. it was sacked by Octavian's troops.

Its representative assembly consisting of 35 clergymen and 42 laymen is called a synod (Synode).

Chiloe has an extreme, length north to south of about 118 m., and an average width of 35 to 40 m., with an area of about 4700 sq.

We also have part of 35 and 36-80 in the epitome of John Xiphilinus, an i ith-century Byzantine monk.

Of gas, with an illuminating power of 35 to 40 sperm candles, when gas only is extracted from the shale.

Off the south-east coast the place of the skdrgard is in a measure taken by the long narrow island of Oland, but north of this the skrgard begins to widen, and the most considerable fjords are found, such as Bravik, which penetrates the land for 35 m.

According to Thoulet and Chevallier the specific heat diminishes as salinity increases, so that for io per mille salinity it is o 968, for 35 per mille it is only o 932, that of pure water being taken as unity.