Sentence Examples with the word 322

He had just passed the altar of the god, when he fell, and with a groan gave up the ghost (October 322 B.C.).

The teachers in 1901-1902 numbered 65,739 (exclusive of 576 non-teaching directors and 322 teachers of special subjects) or about 415 scholars per teacher.

Messina was the birthplace of Dicaearchus, the historian (c. 322 B.C.); Aristocles, the Peripatetic; Euhemerus, the rationalist (c. 316 B.C.); Stefano Protonotario, Mazzeo di Ricco and Tommaso di Sasso, poets of the court of Frederick II.

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Thus at Uxmal there stands on a terraced mound the long narrow building known as the governor's house (Casa del Gobernador), 322 ft.

This acceleration is denoted by g; its value at Greenwich is about 981 centimetre-second units, or 322 feet per second.