Sentence Examples with the word 31

The town communicates by steamer with all the places situated on the shores of the Lake of Constance, while by rail it is 30 or 31 m.

Ouro Preto is connected with Miguel Burnier, on the Central of Brazil railway, by a metre-gauge line 31 m.

Dr Ellis had pipes (now preserved in the Royal Institution, London) made to reproduce both these pitches at 31 in.

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OSH, a town of Russian Turkestan, in the government of Ferghana, 31 m.

Abdallah, 31 1321 (923933)-third time.

Chlorine azide, C1 N 31 was discovered by F.

Some of the best chemists and most enterprising glass-manufacturers exerted their utmost efforts without succeeding in producing perfect disks of more than 31 in.

Taking the range of the barometer in Great Britain from 28 to 31 in., giving a difference of 3 in.

The Lower Oolite is distinguished by the occurrence in it of some coal-seams, one of which, 31 ft.

Of the non-Czechoslovak races in the republic the Germans are the most numerous, numbering some 31 millions, chiefly dispersed along the W.