Sentence Examples with the word 30

The entrance to the harbour was obstructed by a formidable sand bar, but as the result of dredging operations there is now a minimum depth of water at the opening of the channel into the bay of over 30 ft., with a maximum depth of over 33 ft.

Or less in height and width, with the sides slightly inclined towards one another, and from 30 to 40 ft., or even more, in length; the sides are composed sometimes of slabs, sometimes of rough walling, while the roof is composed of flat slabs; and the bodies were probably disposed in a sitting position.

Long, will be equivalent to a single hydrometer with a stem of 30 in.

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General Dispositions Scale, 1:1,960,000 English Miles 0 5 to zo 30 40 50 Russian Japanese Roads Railways distance to march, Kuroki the smallest.

The dose of the fruit is 30 to 60 grains, and the British Pharmacopoeia contains a tincture with a dose of a to 1 drachm.

The ocean separating Europe from he was dependent upon dead reckoning, for although various methods for determining a longitude were known, the available astronomical ephemerides were not trustworthy, and errors of 30 in longitude were by no means rare.

He received 30 for the copyright, nearly the same as Kant got in 1781 for his Kritik der reinen Vernunft.

Large deposits of alum occur close to the village of Bulladelah, 30 m.

Gold is obtained from mines on the Madibi Reserve, near Mafeking - the outcrop extending about 30 m.

The fresher enclosed seas include the Malay and the East Asiatic fringing seas with 30 to 34.5 per mille, the Gulf of St Lawrence with 30 to 31, the North Sea with 35 north of the Dogger Bank diminishing to 32 further south, and the Baltic, which freshens rapidly from between 25 to 31 in the Skagerrak to 7 or 8 eastward of Bornholm and to practically fresh water at the heads of the Gulfs of Bothnia and Finland.