Sentence Examples with the word 3

Except in special cases, gradients must not exceed 3 in moo; and between gradients in the opposite sense there must be not less than 60 metres of level for 1.44 m.

In dyspnoea due to emphysema, phthisis and asthma, strychnine is of service, given internally in doses of i to 3 minims of the liquor.

The capital of the province is Talca (pop. 18 95, 33, 2 3 2; 1902 estimated 42,766), on the Rio Claro, a tributary of the Maule, 156 m.

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The various calculations are not quite easy to harmonize, but the extent of choice for the year of Herod's death is limited to the years 4 and 3 B.C., with a very great preponderance of probability in favour of the former.

High, the surface divided into numerous furrows like the ribs of a melon, with projecting angles, which are set with a regular series of stellated spines - each bundle consisting of about five larger spines, accompanied by smaller but sharp bristles - and the tip of the plant being surmounted by a cylindrical crown 3 to 5 in.

This was accomplished without much difficulty, but the main body was still in the defiles in rear, when about 3 p.m.

The simplest form is 3 - a 3 in this case the serpentine position shown in the figure degenerates into a point of inflexion.

Spring has shown that by compressing a finely divided mixture of i 5 parts of bismuth, 8 parts of lead, 4 parts of tin and 3 parts of cadmium, an alloy is pro duced which melts at ioo C., that is, much below the meltingpoint of any of the four metals.

The original furniture of the palace is represented by the celebrated vase of the Alhambra, a splendid specimen of Moorish ceramic art, dating from 1 3 20, and belonging to the first period of Moorish porcelain.

Palustris, purple, both North American herbs, 3 to 5 ft.