Sentence Examples with the word 2H

As stated under Phosphorus, phosphoric oxide, P 2 0 5, combines with water in three proportions to form H 2 O P 2 0 5 or HP03, metaphosphoric acid; 2H 2 O P 2 0 5 or H4P207, pyrophosphoric acid; and 3H 2 O P 2 0 5 or H 3 PO 4, orthophosphoric or ordinary phosphoric acid.

Magnesia alba, a white bulky precipitate obtained by adding sodium carbonate to Epsom salts,is a mixture of Mg(CO 3 H) (OH) 2H 2 O,Mg(CO 3 H) (OH) and Mg(OH) 2.

Potassium osmiate, K 2 0sO 4 2H 2 0, formed when an alkaline solution of the tetroxide is decomposed by alcohol, or by potassium nitrite, crystallizes in red octahedra.

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It is a brown deliquescent powder, which rapidly forms the green hydrated salt CuC1 21 2H 2 0 on exposure.

On crystallizing a solution, the hydrate KOH 2H 2 0 is deposited; 2KOH 9H 2 0 and 2KOH 5H 2 0 have also been obtained.

A figure placed on the right of a symbol only affects the symbol to which it is attached, but when figures are placed in front of several symbols all are affected by it, thus 2H 2 SO 4 means H 2 SO 4 taken twice.

A salt MgCO 3.3H 2 O or Mg(CO 3 H)(OH) 2H 2 O may be prepared from the carbonate by dissolving it in water charged with carbon dioxide, and then reducing the pressure (W.

Of the hydrated oxides Cu30 2 2H 2 O and Cu 4035H 2 O, described by M.

Mercuric fulminate is less explosive than the silver salt, and forms white needles (with 2H 2 O) which are tolerably soluble in water.

The bromide and iodide crystallize from hot solutions in anhydrous cubes; from solutions at ordinary temperatures in monoclinic prisms with 2H 2 O; and at low temperatures with 5H 2 O.