Sentence Examples with the word 26

Long leading to a tidal harbour and docks capable of receiving ships drawing 26 ft.

The fall of Adrianople on March 26 ended these unrealities; and on May 30 1913 the Ottoman delegates signed the Treaty of London.

Ten days later 26 Serb deputies from the various provinces of the monarchy, met at Zara, indorsed the principles embodied in the Resolution of Fiume and declared in favour of joint political action between Croats and Serbs.

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Inside the breakwater the depth varies from 10 to 26 ft.

The depth of the harbour ranges from 21 to 26 ft.; and by improving this entrance, so as to make it 700 ft.

Moreover, despite her immense wealth (in the province of Little Poland alone she owned at this time 26 towns, 83 landed estates and 772 villages), the Church claimed exemption from all public burdens, from all political responsibilities, although her prelates continued to exercise an altogether disproportionate political influence.

But below this again is a human deposit, from 20 to 26 ft.

Line C) is 26.2nd, 19 r After the 7th of March the epact 26 first occurs in Table III.

When Warren Hastings pressed the nawab for the payment of debt due to the Company, he obtained from his mother a loan of 26 lakhs of rupees, for which he gave her a jagir of four times the value; he subsequently obtained 30 lakhs more in return for a full acquittal, and the recognition of her jagirs without interference for life by the Company.

The classical accounts of the invasion of Aelius Gallus in 26 B.C. threw little light on the state of Arabia at the time, still less on its past history.