Sentence Examples with the word 22nd

On the 22nd of June, before the British rearguard had left Dongola, the mahdi died.

In a like spirit of moderation he opposed the Thermidorian reaction, and defended Barere, Billaud-Varenne the Collot d'Herbois from the accusations launched against them on the 22nd of March 1795.

His trial for high treason lasted for six days (17th to 22nd of November) and ended in his acquittal, the jury only taking eight minutes to settle their verdict.

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His son, James Bowdoin (1752-1811), was born in Boston on the 22nd of September 1752, graduated at Harvard in 1771, and served, at various times, as a representative, senator and councillor of the state.

After discussions lasting for two years it was debated in parliament, finished on the 22nd of March 1648, and was adopted by the Scottish parliament in the following year.

On the 22nd Menshikov and the whole of the Russian diplomatic staff left Constantinople; and it was announced that, at the end of the month, the tsar's troops would enter the Danubian principalities.

On the 22nd of June he abdicated in favour of his son, well knowing that that was a mere form, as his son was in Austria.

Licences on the 1st of July, the 22nd of July 1477 and the 12th of February 1479, authorized additions to the endowment.

The success of the opera was very great; but the production of the Nibelung tetralogy as a whole still remained impracticable, though Das Rheingold and Die Walkiire were performed, the one on the 22nd of September 1869 and the other on the 26th of June 1870.

Who was their great organizer; by his bull Immensa of the 22nd of January 1587, he apportioned all the business of the Church (including that of the papal states) among fifteen Congregations of cardinals, some of which were already in existence, but most of which were established by him; and these commissions, or those of them at least which are concerned with spiritual matters, are still working.