Sentence Examples with the word 21

Of the 205 borough constituencies, 184 return each one member, and 21 return each two members, so that the total number of English borough members is 226.

Thick, and glazed with 21 oz.

Other cosmographers of distinction were Pedro Reinel (1504-1542), Nuno Garcia de Toreno (1520), to whom we are indebted for 21 charts, illustrating Magellan's voyage, Diogo Ribero (maps of the world 1527, 1529), 2 Alonzo de Santa Cruz, of Seville, whose Isolario general includes charts of all parts of the world (1541), John Rotz or Rut (1542), Sebastian Cabot (1544), as also Nicolas Desliens, Pierre Desceliers, G.

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On May 21 the order was given to retire to the line Monte Verena - Cima di Campolongo, and the stay on this line was short.

Iron, for instance, is converted first into FeC1 21 ultimately into FeCl 3, which practically means a mixture of the two chlorides, or pure FeC1 3 as a final product.

By the Remission of Penalties Act 1875 his majesty may remit any penalty imposed under 21 Geo.

Merrill, it decomposes when heated, and gives cupric hydride, CuH 21 as a reddish-brown spongy mass, which turns to a chocolate colour on exposure.

Wheeler with his small band of soldiers and the European and Eurasian residents were exposed for 21 days to the fire of the mutineers, is merely a bare field, containing the well where many women and children were shot while getting water.

The axis is of forged steel 21 in.

According to the latest calculations, the length of the main stream of the Ganges is 1540 m., or with its longest affluent, 1680; breadth at true entrance into the sea, 20 m.; breadth of channel in dry season, 14 to 21 m.; depth in dry season, 30 ft.;.