Sentence Examples with the word 200

His friends and admirers were distributed over all the countries of Europe, and presents were continually arriving from small as well as great, from a donation of 200 florins, made by Pope Clement VII., down to sweetmeats and comfits contributed by the nuns of Cologne 666).

The British Levant (Turkey) Company maintained an agency and factory here for 200 years, till 1825, in spite of appalling mortality among its employes.

The inland transit of goods is almost entirely on the backs of bulls carrying from 450 to 600 lb, on ponies carrying 200 ib, and on men carrying from l00 to 150 lb, bringing the average cost up to a fraction over 8d.

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The navigable channels of all the rivers are computed at 200 m.

Kastoria is the seat of an Orthodox archbishop. It is usually identified with the ancient Celetrum, captured by the Romans under Sulpicius, during the first Macedonian campaign, 200 B.C., and better known for the defence maintained by Bryennius against Alexis I.

Horizontal cylindrical retorts, holding from 200 to 1200 tb of amalgam, are used in the larger Californian mills, pot retorts being used in the smaller mills.

On June 24, 200 Russian soldiers landed on Mount Athos, and a month later 600 of the monks were deported to Russia, where they were distributed as prisoners in various monasteries.

The solution is filtered to get rid of the precipitate, and the titration is finished in the nearly clear filtrate, which should be always about 200 cc. in volume.

In a book of fewer than 200 pages, the author draws on an extensive and sometimes bewildering range of sources.

In it were found the winged lions, now in the British Museum, the fine series of sculptured bas-reliefs glorifying the deeds of Assur-nasir-pal in war and peace, and the large collection of bronze vessels and implements, numbering over 200 pieces; (b) the Central palace, in the interior of the mound, toward its southern end, erected by Shalmaneser II.