Sentence Examples with the word 20

Perhaps the most interesting mammal of Brazil is the manati, or sea-cow (Manatus americanus), which inhabits the lower Amazon and sometimes reaches a length of 15 to 20 ft.

The outbreak was preceded byan earthquake of some severity, after which about 20 explosions took place.

The Tower was injured, and a portion of the roof of the church of St Mary-leBow, Cheapside, was carried off and fell some distance away, being forced into the ground as much as 20 ft., a proof of the badness of the thoroughfares as well as of the force of the wind.

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DOUAI, a town of northern France, capital of an arrondissement in the department of Nord, 20 m.

P. Ellmore of Leicester, the most experienced and enterprising of Midland cultivators, preferred to plant his sets in squares, 18 to 20 in.

At all events he gives 30 years of reign to Sinmuballidh instead of the 20 assigned to him in a list of dates drawn up at the time of Ammi-zadok's accession, 55 years to Khammurabi instead of 43, and 35 years to Samsu-iluna instead of 38, while he omits altogether the seven years' reign of the Assyrian king TukultiIn-aristi at Babylon.

A special invitation was sent him by the king to attend the coronation of Anne Boleyn, accompanied with the gracious offer of 20 to buy a new suit for the occasiont More refused to attend, and from that moment was marked out for vengeance.

Zunz; Jewish Encyclopedia passim; publications of Jewish societies, such as Etudes Juives, Jewish historical societies of England and America, German historical commission, Julius Barasch society (Rumania), Societas Litteraria Hungarico-Judaica, the Viennese communal publications, and many others to which may be added the 20 vols.

M., and empties at Trial Bay after a course of 200 m., of which 20 m.

For ordinary trade scale-beams, counter machines, and deadweight machines - From 20 lb per in.