Sentence Examples with the word 2

Among these may be mentioned the following: the quarrying of stone for the great Portland breakwater, nearly 2 m.

A figure placed on the right of a symbol only affects the symbol to which it is attached, but when figures are placed in front of several symbols all are affected by it, thus 2H 2 SO 4 means H 2 SO 4 taken twice.

Its ethyl ester reacts with hydrazine to form hippuryl hydrazine, C,H 5 CO NH CH 2 CO NH NH 2, which was used by Curtius for the preparation of azoimide.

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Inland, including the suburb of Preston, the town extends some 2 m.

The parallels or climata 2 drawn through places, of which the longest day is of equal length and the decimation (distance) from the equator is the same, he maintained, ought to have been inserted at equal intervals, say of half an hour, and the meridians inserted on a like principle.

On passing a current of dry carbon dioxide over the reagent,- the gas is absorbed and the resulting compound, when decomposed by dilute acids, yields an organic acid, and similarly with carbon oxysulphide a thio-acid is obtained: RMgX-R CO 2 MgX?R CO 2 H; COS-CS(OMgX) R--R Csoh.

With a very irregular outline broken by the mouths of numerous creeks and streams. The mouth, only 2 m.

Compelled by the pressure of public opinion to attempt its relief, Edward crossed the border in June 1314,with an army of 20,000 foot and 4000 men-at-arms. He found Bruce prepared to dispute his advance on the hillside of Bannockburn, 2 iB.

Sodium nitroprusside, Na 2 Fe(NC) 5 N02H 2 O, is the commonest salt.

Writing Disraeli entered the political arena as candidate for High Wycombe (1832), he was nominated by a Tory and seconded by a Radical - in vain; and vain were two subsequent attempts in the autumn of 183 2 and in 1834.