Sentence Examples with the word 194

And its breadth 194 m., the shape being a rough oval, broken at the north-west, where a peninsula, diversified by a great number of fjords, projects from the main portion of the island.

Marx), Mostellaria, Persa, Poenulus, Rudens, Trinummus (later than 194 B.C.; cf.

There are other interesting places on Loch Etive, an arm of the sea, measuring 194 m.

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The river has always had considerable military importance, and the colony of Volturnum (no doubt preceded by an older port of Capua) was founded in 194 B.C. at its mouth on the S.

Of the male population, aged io years or more, only 3206 (2968 foreign-born whites; 194 native-born whites) were illiterate in 1900.

See Bentley and Trumen, Medicinal Plants, 194 (1880).

Towards 194 Septimius Severus completed the reform of Caligula by detaching from the province of Africa the greater part of Numidia to constitute a special province governed by a procurator, subordinate to the imperial legate and resident at Cirta (Tissot ii.

Fourth Conference (July 5-31, 1897), convened by Archbishop Benson, presided over by Archbishop Temple; 194 bishops present.

HALIFAX, a municipal, county and parliamentary borough in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England, 194 m.

ERATOSTHENES OF ALEXANDRIA (c. 276 - c. 194 B.C.), Greek scientific writer, was born at Cyrene.