Sentence Examples with the word 190

There is a diversity of flora and fauna - 600 species of plants, 37 species of mammals and 190 different birds.

The little town of Eregli, some 190 kilometres distant from Konia, presented the only excusable locality for the terminus of the first section, and even that place is 90 kilometres distant from Karaman, the last town of any importance for some hundreds of miles on the way to the Euphrates valley, the country between the two towns being desolate and sparsely inhabited.

He worked intensely on the Talmud and contributed no less than 190 papers to Chambers's Encyclopaedia, in addition to essays in Kitto's and Smith's Biblical Dictionaries, and articles in periodicals.

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The defeat of Antiochus the Great at Magnesia, 190 B.C., placed Asia Minor at the mercy of Rome; but it was not until 133 that the first Roman province, Asia, was formed to include only western Anatolia, without Bithynia.

Probably it was extended as far as Beneventum not long after the colonization of this town in 268 B.e., and it seems to have reached Venusia before 190 B.C. Horace, in the journey to Brundusium described in Sat.

Of steam for the Rankine Engine of Comparison when is 190 lbs sq.

East, or Dezhnev), in 190 E., at the entrance of Bering Strait.

The main part of the town, with an elevation of 30 to 190 ft., stands on the southern shore of the chief inlet, between Yuzhnaya and Artillery Bays.

In 190 B.C. they were included among the provinces annexed by the Romans to the dominions of Eumenes of Pergamum; but somewhat rater they joined with the Pisidians and Cilicians in piratical ravages, and Side became the chief centre and slave mart of these freebooters.

Demetrius (c. 190 B.C.) is supposed to have reigned in Arachosia after being expelled from Bactria, much as, at a later date, Baber reigned in Kabul after his expulsion from Samarkand.