Sentence Examples with the word 18th

The archiepiscopal palace adjoining the cathedral is a building of the 18th century., The church of Ste.

But if Erasmus was unlike the 18th century rationalist in that he did not declare war against the church, but remained a Catholic and mourned the disruption, he was yet a true rationalist in principle.

The plainest legacy of the 18th century to later times has been a humaner spirit in theology.

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The predominance of the Afghan in Afghanistan dates from the middle of the 18th century, when Ahmad Shah carved out Afghanistan from the previous conquests of Nadir Shah and called it the Durani empire.

The 18th century saw the Arctic coast of North America reached at two points, as well as the first scientific attempt to reach the North Pole.

All the members of the suppressed communities received full exercise of all the ordinary political and civil rights of laymen; and annuities were granted to all those who had taken permanent religious vows prior to the 18th of January 1864.

The study of Coptic had begun in Europe early in the I7th century, and reached a high level in the work of the Dane Georg Zoega (1755-1809) at the end of the 18th century.

The Hanoverian government, backed by the Frankfort diet, was still more successful in its warfare with the moderate reformers whom it was pleased to treat as revolutionists; and in Austria the feudalists so completely gained the upper hand that on the 18th of August 1855 the government signed a concordat, by which the state virtually submitted itself to the control of the church.

The experiment of republican government had proved so discreditable, and had so wearied the country of cabals, that men hitherto known for their sympathy with democratic principles became more monarchical than the regent himself; and under this influence a movement to give the regency into the hands of the princess Donna Januaria, now in her 18th year, was set on foot.

In the 18th century the staple industry was the making of chapes and shoe-buckles, and the town suffered when the latter went out of fashion.