Sentence Examples with the word 182

HENRY NUTCOMBE OXENHAM (1829-1888), English ecclesiologist, son of a master at Harrow, was born there on the 1 5th of November 182 9.

In 182 2 he was sent to the Kreuzschule at Dresden, where he did so well that, four years later, he translated the first twelve books of the Odyssey for amusement.

Tigerstrom, De Judicibus apud Romanos (Berlin, 1826); Greenidge, Legal Procedure of Cicero's Time, pp. 4 o ff., 58 ff., 182 ff., 264 (Oxford, 1901); Bethmann-Hollweg, Der romische Civilprozess, ii.

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In 1864 Don Manuel Orozco y Berra found no fewer than 51 distinct languages and 69 dialects among the Indian inhabitants of Mexico, to which he added 62 extinct idioms - making a total of 182 idioms, each representing a.

Wide, and admitting vessels with a draught of 182 ft., from Kronstadt to St Petersburg.

His Memoirs of Sir Robert Walpole (London, 1798), Memoirs of Horatio, Lord Walpole (London, 1802), Memoirs of John, duke of Marlborough (London, 1818-1819), Private and Original Correspondence of Charles Talbot, duke of Shrewsbury (London, 1821), Memoirs of the Administrations of Henry Pelham (London, 182 9), are very valuable for the history of the 18th century.

Palacky had received a modest appointment as archivist to Count Sternberg and in 182 9 the Bohemian estates sought to confer on him the title of historiographer of Bohemia, with a small salary, but it was ten years before the consent of the Viennese authorities.

And upwards of water at low water of ordinary spring tides, and over 15,000 lineal feet of accommodation; the Empress dock, 182 acres, with a depth of 26 ft.

Of Montgomery, and 182 m.

Among the mass of monographs and special articles, reference may be made to Freeman, Historical Essays, 2nd series, pp. 182 f.; Dodge, Alexander (in a series called Great Captains) 1890; Mahaffy, Problems in Greek History (1892), ch.