Sentence Examples with the word 180

He served in the National House of Representatives in January - April 1816, and in1816-1818was minister plenipotentiary to Russia and special minister to Naples, where he attempted to secure indemnity for the losses to American merchants by seizure and confiscation during the rule of Murat in 180 0.

Here the width of the stream increases at flood time to woo or 1500 yds., and though it narrows at the somewhat dangerous rapids of Rumde Gilla to 150 or 180 yds., it soon expands again.

Scoresby Fjord has a length of about 180 m.

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On the establishment of the confederation of the Rhine, his son Prosper Louis (to whom, becoming blind, he had ceded his domains in 180 3) became a member (5806), and showed great devotion to the interests of France; but in 5850 he lost his sovereignty, Napoleon incorporating Meppen with France and Recklinghausen with the grand - duchy of Berg, and indemnifying him by a rent of 240,702 francs.

CALI, an inland town of the department of Cauca, Colombia, South America, about 180 m.

The great chain of mountains which, under the names of Paropamisus and Hindu-Kush, extends from the Caspian to the Pamirs is interrupted some 180 m.

It is roughly elliptical, its major axis, 180 m.

The surrounding gardens are adorned with fountains, cascades, lakes and grottos, the principal fountain sending up a jet of water 180 ft.

In making the acid by this process benzaldehyde, acetic anhydride and anhydrous sodium acetate are heated for some hours to about 180 C., the resulting product is made alkaline with sodium carbonate, and any excess of benzaldehyde removed by a current of steam.

On an island in its bed stood Artaxata, the capital of Armenia from 180 B.C. to A.D.