Sentence Examples with the word 18

Sedanolic acid readily decomposes into water and its lactone sedanolid, C 12 H 18 0 2, the odorous constituent of celery oil.

Although Cadorna was still sceptical in regard to an offensive in force, he increased Brusati's artillery strength by 18 batteries of middle-calibre guns and gave special orders for the supply and transport of ammunition.

I (Bern, 18 93, 39-57); P. Tschackert, in Herzog-Hauck, Realencyklopeidie, vol.

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With this view, the cabinet of St Petersburg, at the close of the Chino-Japanese War in 18 9 5, objected to all annexations by Japan in that quarter, and insisted on having the treaty of Shimonoseki modified accordingly.

The pekan or Pennant's marten, also called fisher marten, though there appears to be nothing in its habits to justify the appellation, is the largest of the group, the head and body measuring from 24 to 30 in., and the tail 14 to 18 in.

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Rocquain, Etat de France au 18 Brumaire (Paris, 1874); Bonaparte a St Cloud (anonymous) (Paris, 1814).

Under the Directory he sat in the Council of the Five Hundred, retiring after the coup d'etat of 18 Brumaire (November 9, 1799).

Under the Khuen-Heclvary Government he became on June 18 1910 once more president of the House of Magnates.

Cloez, Jahresb., 18 53, p. 468); or by the action of tin and hydrochloric acid on cyanogen (T.