Sentence Examples with the word 175

The necessary three days' warning of the French concentration they felt certain they would obtain, for Napoleon's troops were at this juncture distributed over an area (Lille-Metz-Paris) of 175 m.

Smith, Prophets of Israel, pp. 175 sqq.; Kennedy, Hastings' Dict.

A new law, passed by both houses and confirmed by the emperor, took from the executive all power over journals, except in cases of lse majest, and nothing now remains of the former arbitrary system except that any periodical having a political complexion is required to deposit security varying from 175 to 1000 yen.

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Some farmers on tile uplands between the valleys in western Nebraska irrigate by means of wind-mills, and although the underground water is 175 ft.

About 175 on account of their containing notable quantities of erucic acid, C2211-4202.

An area of 175 acres is comprised in the city's parks, the largest of which are Prospect Park and Beman Park.

Kearney was maintained where Nebraska City now stands in 1847-1848, and in the latter year was re-established on the Platte, some 175 m.

Philopator, but after his father's death in 175 B.C. he escaped from confinement, and established himself on the Syrian throne (162 B.C.) after overthrowing and murdering King Antiochus V.

JAMES MONROE (1758-1831), fifth president of the United States, was born on Monroe's creek, a tributary of the Potomac river, in Westmoreland county, Virginia, on the 28th of April 175 8.

MOTALA, a town of Sweden, in the district (l n) of Ostergotland, on the east side of Lake Vetter at the outflow of the river Motala, 175 m.