Sentence Examples with the word 174

M., Goteborg och Bohus Lan 174 and Blekinge 127.

Epiphanes, king of Syria, by the Roman architect Cossutius in the interval between 174 B.C. and 164 B.C., the date of the death of Antiochus.

Of Verona, on the railway to Mantua, 174 ft.

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Chodzkos Thtre persan (new ed., Paris, 1878); and Eth, PersischePassionspiele, inMorgenland.Stud.,p. 174 seq.

His name appears fourth in the Tripos list for 174 8 - 1 749; and in '755 he was moderator in that examination.

The work was carried out in the years 174 6 - 1 753, a large tract of marshland being brought under cultivation, a considerable detour cut off, and the main stream successfully confined to the canal, 12 M.

He was sent to school at Hackney in 1742, and in 174 9 entered Peterhouse, Cambridge, which he left in 1753, without taking a degree.

The greatest breadth due east and west is 174 m., from Dundrum Bay to Annagh Head, county Mayo; and the average breadth is about 110 m.

The original Langstroth hive was single-walled, held ten frames (size 174 by 9 in.), and had a deep roof, made to cover a case of small honey boxes like the sections now in use; but the cumbersome projecting porch and sides, made to support the roof, are now dispensed with, and the number of frames reduced to eight.

The transformation was complete in 174 B.C., when Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus, after the conquest of Sardinia, placed in the temple of Matuta a map commemorative of the campaign, containing a plan of the island and the various engagements.