Sentence Examples with the word 17

BERBERINE, C 20 H 17 N0 4, an alkaloid occurring together with the alkaloids oxyacanthine C18H19N03, berbamine C18H19N03, hydrastine C21H21N06, and canadine C 20 H 21 N0 4, in Berberis vulgaris; it also occurs in other plants, Berberis aristata, B.

At the grammar school, founded in 1528, Dr Samuel Johnson was a master about 17 3 2, but found the work unbearable.

ASCOLI PICEN0 1 (anc. Asculum), a town and episcopal see of the Marches, Italy, the capital of the province of Ascoli Piceno, 17 m.

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Ten years were spent in this operation, a full account of which was published by Bouguer in 17 4 9, Figure de la terre determinee.

ASHLAND, a village of Hanover county, Virginia, U.S.A., 17 m.

MARZABOTTO, a village of Emilia, Italy, in the province of Bologna, 17 m.

Side by side with the State administration certain Crown territory administrations also existed in the 17 Crown territories, carried on by selected honorary officials, having under them a staff of professional officials.

In 17 4 2 the peshwa advanced to Mandla and exacted the payment of chauth (tributary blackmail), and from this time until 1781, when the successors of Sangram Sah were finally overthrown, Garha-Mandla remained practically a Mahratta dependency.

Gaster, GreekoSlavonic Literature, pp. 17 sqq.

LOUIS PHILIPPE I., king of the French (1773-1850), was the eldest son of Louis Philip Joseph, duke of Orleans (known during the Revolution as Philippe Egalite) and of Louise Marie Adelaide de Bourbon, daughter of the duc de Penthievre, and was born at the Palais Royal in Paris on the 6th of October 17 73.