Sentence Examples with the word 155

The department is divided into three arrondissements (Nice, Grasse and Puget Theniers), 2 7 cantons and 155 communes.

On the 14th16th of August 1784, when 92 farmsteads were totally destroyed, and 372 farmsteads and II churches were seriously damaged; and again in August and September 1896, when another terrible earthquake destroyed 161 farmsteads and damaged 155 others.

The area of the city is 4 155 acres, and its octroi circle measures nearly 9 m.

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As the result of the polling in November, 292 Republican presidential electors were chosen, and 155 Democratic electors, elected in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and the Southern states, represented the final strength of the Bryan and Stevenson ticket.

During his reign - he died in I 155 - the Greek emperors undertook various expeditions in Asia Minor and Armenia; but the Seljuk was cunning enough to profess himself their ally and to direct them against his own enemies.

Trans., p. 155 seq.), who argue that the passage in Leviticus is a later addition.

In the November election after a canvass that almost equalled in activity that of 1896 he was again defeated, receiving only 155 electoral votes to 292.

Clark, Peloponnesus (London, 1858), 155 ff.; E.

The Save, which is also navigable, meets it at Belgrade, after being joined, at Racha, by the Drina, a Bosnian river, which rises on the Montenegrin border, 155 m.

The rainfall at Colon on the north coast varies from 85 to 155 in., with 125 as the mean; at Gamboa in the interior it varies from 75 to 140 in., with 92 as the mean; and at Panama on the south coast it varies between 47 and 90 (rarely 104 in.), the mean being 67 in.