Sentence Examples with the word 150

The task, however, was so gigantic that after 150 years of strenuous effort, at the period which may be considered as the apogee of its power, that is, in the first half of the 13th century, the papacy had attained only incomplete results.

Other public edifices include the county buildings in the Tudor style, in front of which stands the monument to George, 8th marquess of Tweeddale (1787-1876), who was such an expert and enthusiastic coachman that he once drove the mail from London to Haddington without taking rest; the corn exchange, next to that of Edinburgh the largest in Scotland; the town house, with a spire 150 ft.

Inland are equatorial, the rainfall in the western half of the country being about 150 in.

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Side of the river upon two terraces or plateaus - the first about 60 ft., the second from 100 to 150 ft., above low water - and upon hills which enclose these terraces on three sides in the form of an amphitheatre, rising to a height of about 400 ft.

At the Union Station more than 150 trains enter and depart daily, carrying more than 30,000 passengers.

Many of the river bluffs rise to an unusual height, Starved Rock, near Ottawa, in La Salle county, being 150 ft.

When the legislature of Virginia gave him 150 shares of stock in companies formed for the improvement of the Potomac and James rivers, and he was unable to refuse them lest his action should be misinterpreted, he extricated himself by giving them to educational institutions.

Owing to a destructive fire at Nicomedia, Pliny suggests the formation of a volunteer fire-brigade, limited to 150 members.

The genus Eucalyptus numbers more than 150 species, and provides some of the most durable timbers known.

About 150 boats are employed in the fisheries, and herrings form the staple of an active trade.