Sentence Examples with the word 144

The Obe burgermeister, who is ex officio a member of the Prussian Upper House, and the Biirgermeister are elected by the common council (Stadtverordnetenversammlung) of 144 members, i.e.

It occupies altogether about 144 acres, contains a trophy park, parade grounds, the United States Naval Lyceum (founded 1833), officers' quarters, barracks, and three large dry docks (respectively 564, 465 and 307 ft.

The number r is usually included amongst the primes; but, if this is done, the last paragraph requires modification, since 144 could be expressed as 1.2 4.32, or as 1 2.2 4.3 2, or as IP. 2 4.32, where p might be anything.

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Deep. In New South Wales by the 30th of June 1903, the government had put down 101 bores producing 66 flowing wells and 22 sub-artesian wells, with a total discharge of 54,000,000 gallons a day; and there were also 144 successful private wells.

Das alte Test., 3rd ed., p. 144 sq., and 17n Kampfe urn den alten Orient, ii.

The Queen's Park and Titwood clubs in Glasgow have each three greens, and as they can quite comfortably play six rinks on each, it is not uncommon to see 144 players making their game simultaneously.

The per capita consumption of iron in Great Britain, excluding exports, has been calculated as 144 lb in 1855 and 250 lb in 1890, that of the United States as 117 lb for 1855, 300 lb for 1890 and some 378 lb for 1899, and that of the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany for 1906 as about a quarter of a ton, so that the British per capita consumption is about four-fold and the American about five-fold that of 1855.

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