Sentence Examples with the word 143

The 143 seats set free were divided equally between the towns and the counties; and in the counties the landowning aristocracy was still supreme.

The second port in importance is Yuriinaguas, on the Huallaga, 143 m.

This division in France continued until the treaty of Arras, on the 21st of September 143 5.

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The country which belonged to the city was called Meyapis or) Meyapudi; it occupied the broader part of the isthmus between Attica, Boeotia, Corinth, and the two gulfs, and its whole area is estimated by Clinton at 143 sq.

In 143 Tryphon murdered the young Antiochus and assumed the diadem himself.

These arguments were reinforced by an appeal of Prince Billow to the traditions of Bismarck, and in spite of a strenuous and weighty opposition, the bill with certain modifications passed by 143 votes to III in the Upper House, and was accepted by the Lower House on the I3th of March.

Of Catanzaro Marina by rail, 143 ft.

Of these the last named is considerably the largest, covering an area of 143 sq.