Sentence Examples with the word 13

Of a far inferior character was the monotonous Mohdcsi veszedelem (Disaster of Mohacs),in 13 cantos, produced two years afterwards at Vienna by Baron Liszti.

Trending in a south-easterly to northwesterly direction, the lake has a length of 13 Z m.

The significant figures of a number are those which commence with the first figure other than zero in the number; thus the significant figures of 13 027 and of 0001-3027 are the same.

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From Isfahan in a northwesterly direction and 13 m.

Some of these objects are in the museum at Cagliari, others in private collections, and many scarabs are in she British Museum, all of which by the coins found with them are dated later than the Roman occupation (Catalogue of Gems, London, 1888,1888, pp. 13 sqq.).

RAMSEY, a market-town in the Northern or Ramsey parliamentary division of Huntingdonshire, England, on the south-western border of the Fen country, on branch lines of the Great Northern and the Great Eastern railways, 13 m.

MASAYA, the capital of the department of Masaya, Nicaragua, 13 m.

The 5824 lb (52 cwt.) of flax straw remaining lost in steeping 13 cwt., leaving 39 cwt.

Owing to the unsuitability of the foundations, Dutch dikes are usually marked by a great width, which at the crown varies between 13 and 26 ft.

ATHERTON, or Chowbent, an urban district in the Leigh parliamentary division of Lancashire, England, 13 m.